Some things just seem like a good idea when you start…

…but once you implement them you start to question just how great an idea it really is.

Enter The Cannons

Overall – I love the cannons – on some of the levels, they are great – they provide enough chaos and challenge and they aren’t too terribly frustrating. But this particular implementation just makes a mess. Check it out!

The fun thing about this is, in Unity, I made it to where the first cannon controls the second cannon, which is then linked to the third, etc. So settings only have to change on one cannon to adjust fire rates, speed of projectile, etc. ┬áMade it super easy to test and develop this particular scene – a scene that might just not make it into the final version due to the utter chaos that it represents – and I’m not super sure how much fun it adds.

What do you think of the Cannon Train?  Let me know in the comments =D

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