Our experience with this processor has been so good…

…we had to share about it.

Our primary development rig used to be powered by an AMD FX8320e on a Gigabyte Gaming SLI board with 32GB of RAM, and while this was a good setup – few issues, compiles were quick enough to be mostly satisfactory – it was clearly beginning to show it’s age – mostly with the Illustrator documents we used for managing all the assets – 100 artboards full of a bunch of squares gets laggy at times – especially if you never close any of them.

So it was time to head off to Microcenter and take the proceeds from a recently-sold iPhone 6S+ and get something a little more powerful.

Enter Ryzen

There has been a lot of good press about the Ryzen’s Zen microarchitecture, and we’re here to tell you it’s completely well deserved. Before we get into the specifics (and forewarning: it’s not terribly too specific, because we didn’t exactly do this scientifically. It’s more of an ‘experiential’ review…), here’s the comparison of the two configurations:


  • AMD FX8320e Unlocked 3.4Ghz
  • Gigabyte Gaming SLI
  • NVIDIA 960
  • 32GB SR 1600
  • Crucial 525 M.2

Our Experience

The Ryzen blows the FX out of the water, through the stratosphere, and into low orbit around the moon.

Purely subjective, of course, because science is awesome, but scientists we are not, here’s what we’ve noticed:

  • Compiling Run Die Repeat to UWP in Unity has been reduced from ~4 minutes to less than 1
  • Saving a 100 artboard illustrator document has been reduced from 2+ minutes to instant
  • Exporting 100 assets from that same document has also shown the same increase in performance
  • Using media encoder to render a 1 minute video has been reduced from 7 mintues (average) to slightly longer than real time at about 1.1 minutes.
  • Rendering a 15 second 3D After Effects project (this will obviously vary based on the number of objects) is down to 2 minutes from 15.
  • RAM preview in After Effects can now be run with 0 frame skips without too much pain.

Overall, this has been a massive improvement in our workflow and productivity, and this upgrade is highly recommended for anyone still using the old FX series procs from AMD.  We can’t even begin to imagine what the Ryzen 7 would accomplish.

Here’s a couple of links (Affiliate, of course) if you’re interested in this killer upgrade:

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